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Xooxer wrote:
I say we check his IP.

I say we dissect him! We check his DNA to see if he's truely digitalmouse. If so, we will clone him, making ten more copies of digitalmouse. They shall be called the "digimods" and will roam the board 24/7. Each of them opens their own hosting service which gives the funds directly to Dantom International (because they did the cloning, after all).

Doesn't that sound great?

-- Data
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Garthor wrote:
Wait a minute... when did you start capitalizing your sentences?

Perpetr8r the Perpetu8r wrote:
This guy was obviously not an admin, of that much we were sure, but it was really the way he did things that was the point behind this post. I mean, he INSINUATED being an admin without actually saying it and I wasn't sure if I should have reported him for it or not.

After all, he did do a very convincing job, and I'm sure many others would have been fooled into believing he was one just because of the things he said. Yeah, it's more of an "in the interests of our community" thing...

Here's what I don't get. Some random twerp insinuates that he's a BYOND admin and should be given special favors, and people find it convincing in spite of all logic to the contrary. I insinuate to trolls that I intend to drop the hammer if they don't shape up--something I'm well documented as liking to do--and they don't buy it.

Lummox JR
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That is because trolls don't care if you drop the hammer or not as they believe it won't affect them, while well-intentioned (if ignorant) players are so scared of the consequences that they give whatever to anyone who claims to be staff.
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