Who would of thought Elon Musk was willing to defend the world's freedom. #FREEDOM

When leftists scream "Its a private Business, they can do what we want"
Elon Musk: No, its a public company, I think I will buy 10% and show you what I can do

Not really a meme more of an idea for a movie I had.

"So I had this idea for a movie, think, pineapple express esque, drug dealer in a wheelchair needs money owed to him so he's yelling on the phone to dude who lives at top of the apartments and dude like i'll get your money but drug dealer in wheelchair like na fuck that so starts climbing apartment stairs with his wheelchair, dude who owes money gets off his balcony via bedsheets tied together and goes on adventure to get the money back to back the dude. Drug wheelie has cameos throughout movie about his progress getting to the top to get his money." theoretical-astro-fetishists-posit-black-holes-could-be-1844 555908
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