How good is this freeware antivirus compared to bigger name brands like AVG, Avast!, McAfee, etc?
The top one right now is Microsoft Security Essentials, and it's free.

Never heard of Auslogics.
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Well, I'm using Avast! now, would it be smarter to change over to that Windows Security Essentials or keep Avast!?
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Really, you should generally just keep what you have.
No sense mucking up a good thing.
Avast is generally in the "Top 10".
If it ain't broke, don't try to fix it!
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Haha okay, thanks for the quick response!
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According to the second link, BitDefender (never heard of it) is has the best protection. Kaspersky (again, never heard of it) has the best repair (what does that mean?) and F-Secure (...never heard of it) has the best usability.

The first link, G DATA, backing 2009! was the best... That was almost 2 years ago... >_>
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AVAST! and AVG are both really good freeware anti-virus's and have been out for a while. However I don't use them personally. I've gotten a hold of a copy of NOD32. I like it personally mostly because of how lightweight it is on any aged system, how in the background and unnoticeable it is until you actually get a virus and it stops it on the spot.

It's caught everything so far. Although there might be some key loggers or spyware in the background it misses. For that, Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware is really good as well. Works great with Nod32 on my system (no conflictions as of yet.)
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Personly i use Comodo anti virus. I like it much it got: internet security, own dns for internet security, Sandbox for programs, And free acces to your firewall you can see exactly what programs go out and in.

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I use Avast! for antivirus, and Comodo for my firewall.