1. Find a webpage that links to one or more other sites.
2. Keep clicking on any link possible to get to another webpage.
3. Repeat until you can no longer be linked out of the website you're on.
4. Post the website.

I double dare ya =P
Is this like that game where you go to a random Wikipedia page and see how many pages you have to navigate to find Hitler?
In response to LordAndrew
Yea, I was thinking about that exact game and just had an idea to make this one. I guess it's a variation.
In response to Kyle_ZX
And now everyone has a virus -_-
In response to Jotdaniel
Haha. Yes, do be careful when playing this game. You can always start again if the only thing left is potentially threatening.
In response to Kyle_ZX
i found this
In response to Joshuaray202
I ended up on Hulu.
In response to Majin Furble
But there's Facebook link at the bottom, which leads to anywhere...
In response to Zaoshi
Zaoshi bet the challenge =D

& So.. I heard you like mudkipz?
In response to Kyle_ZX
Yes, I do like mudkipz, also I visit occasionally.
In response to Zaoshi
You are bested by the back button on my mouse, good sir.
In response to Jotdaniel
Indeed, Logitech Optical Gaming Mouse? I know there's lots of them but that's what I use.
In response to Kyle_ZX
Logitech wireless M705 marathon