Age of Old

by That Stoner
Age of Old
Set sails and explore the never ending adventure that is Age of Old Online!

Age of Old is set for new horizons!

Over the past year and a half Age of Old has received some much needed behind the curtain remolding which has resulted in the official return of the game! I'd love nothing more than to throw a well built paragraph at you guys to cover up the small blemishes and what changes have been made but instead I'll just list it out!


As of now there's 5 1000x1000 maps that have been filled to the brim with islands, mountains, dungeons, towns, and much much more. Some of the current explorable maps that will be open to players when Age of Old comes online are the East Blue and Skypiea map.

This is a very rough draft version of the map intended to give players an idea of the East Blue map at the moment but not spoil any gameplay.


So far this has been my favorite part of the game to work on. While players progress through Age of Old they'll have a variety of choices when it comes to fighting styles. Tutors can teach you their style of combat and so far there's Dragon Talon Fist, Man Demon Tactics, Fishman Karate, One/Two Sword Style, and Jao Kun Do. Each style gives the player a unique and engaging way to train and fight.

Quests! DID YOU SAY QuEsTs???!

No I didn't say quests, I typed it. And yes you read right, quests are a main component of Age of Old now. Grinding endlessly on mobs is a thing of the past. The quest system gives players a different way to level up and earn berry. There's a main story line that can help players advance in the world but it is completely optional. Besides the main story line there's over 100 different types of quests in at the moment. These quests range in different rewards.

Oh that's right, uh huh, yeppers, the interface has been updated drastically in terms of usability. Players won't notice to much cosmetically, but the more seasoned player will definitely be able to tell a difference. The login screen and character creation appear in your task-bar like a proper window and no longer run in the background if closed. The UI also adapts to the players resolution so no more gimmicks from those sweaty alpines who have gigantic or dual monitors.

With everything in mind, there's over 40 new weapons, 100+ different pieces of clothing/armor, 48 different devil fruits, 5 different combat styles, 100+ new fightable and interactable mobs, 16 different timed global events, a complete East Blue map, Marine ranks up to Vice Admiral, Pirate titles up to Sea Emperor, level 1 haki system is in, customizable jolly rogers, and so much more. Later on this week there will be another update neatly listing and explaining the updates that have been made and hopefully along with that we'll have a date for some live player testing!

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