hey guys ive messaged byond support but i get no response is there anyone who can help me?

Try to make the request as easy as possible for the person handling it (Lummox JR) - I can't personally help you (though I would like to) but I can give you some tips to make the recovery process easier.

When writing your support request and e-mailing it to [email protected], try to ensure you include:

- The name of the account you're requesting access to
- An e-mail account that you control that you'd like the access switched to
- Any known previous passwords for the account (if possible)
- If known, when you last accessed it (ballpark)
- If known, the name of the e-mail address that is currently attached to the account but you cannot access

If it's been quite some time since you last sent in a request, as you seem to indicate, it's fine to send another e-mail. It's possible your request slipped through the cracks.
hey thanks , i have sent another request as of yesterday i will wait longer i have no choice. I appreciate the timely response and hope to get my key back :).