Well, the good news this week is my allergies have mostly behaved, so it's been easier to spend time solely on development. The bad news is we got some unfortunate medical results this week confirming something that appeared a couple of weeks ago, so it's looking to be a rough couple of months ahead.

But the map editor work continues, and it's actually coming along really well. A lot more testing and bug fixing with the new map code has been done. Stuff like selecting rectangles of tiles and moving them around was a major focus this week, along with stuff like making sure the add and fill tools worked correctly. I'm currently changing up the way the new properties pane handles error conditions, which before it didn't handle very well at all, so the work flow makes good sense and is easy to use.

Very soon I need to pivot back to bug fixing in 514 because a few things have cropped up that need dealing with, so I'm probably gonna have to devote the early part of next week to that. There've been some issues regarding skins, a couple of crash reports, that sort of thing. It all needs attention and hasn't gotten what it should for a bit, so it's time to deal with that.

I want to thank everyone who's helped support the project as BYOND Members and donors. It really means a lot to have you in my corner.

So, next week: bug stuff! Actually I'll probably get to a little of it over the weekend, heat permitting, just to get a head start, but expect a maintenance release coming your way soon. In the meantime grill 'em if you got 'em, enjoy the sunshine if it deigns to do so, and keep your Benadryl handy.