by Rifthaven
Create maps for the game RPD
Welcome to the RPD Map Maker. Here are the rules to making a map,
if these rules are not followed, the map will not be approved.

*There must be three bases-red, green, blue
*Each base must have ONE playerspawner that goes to that base
(Kaotik = Red)
(Thorax = Green)
(Dracnid = Blue)
*The base must be colored using the turf base, the colors must match
the team
*Each base gets 5 gunners, one lvl 3, two lvl 2s, and two lvl 1s
(try not to have gunner in a position to block players or get hit
from a distance)
*Keep a balance in weapons and items, not too much, more of the weaker
ones then stonger
(weak is SMG, Machine Gun, ShotGun, Magnum)
*Keep the majority of the walls two spaces apart
(so gunners and people can't block the area as easy)
*No map can exceed the size of 50x50
*Walls MUST surround the the map, no player should be able to go to
the edge of the map
*Rogue (loner) gunners are there just to attack players, they don't belong
on a team
*All weapons must have two ammo crates beside

<<(({{VERSION 2}}))>>

*I added two new weapons, the sniper rifle and the sticky gun
*The sniperrifle has weak damage but a 50% chance of instant death,
long reload but you get the ability to scope ahead
*Sticky Gun has the worst damage in the game, but forces the target
to be paralyzed and will not be able to move for 5 seconds

<<(({{VERSION 3}}))>>

*You can now create Capture the Flag levels, here are the rules for
creating CTF levels
*Instead of three teams there are only two, red and blue both team
bases must be present on the map with their base colors
*One flag spawner, player spawner, and flag returner must be present
in each base
*Four level three gunners also must be in each base (red gunner to red
base and blue gunner to blue base)
*Absolutly NO camo or fake walls in a CTF level, and please keep it
light with the gunner kits (perferably one on each side)
*No secret paths leading to the other base
*Keep the two bases as far from each other as possible (and remember,
no map can exceed 50x50)
*Any rule not changed here is the same as stated before
*I've also added a new item, mine detectors...These can be used in both
combat maps and CTF maps, I'd prefer atleast one in each CTF map

When your map(s) are complete, send the MAP FILE to

If you use an icon that did not come with this package (ex: your own
icon), send it with the MAP FILE
If your map is selected to become officially part of RPD, you will be
given credit for that map.
If you have any questions, page me (Rifthaven) or email me at