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It would be very nice if there was a hearers() function that is identical to viewers() except it doesn't depend on luminosity.
Even though this can be done by turning luminosity to max then getting the viewers() and turning it back it's a bandage fix and doesn't allow you to use optimizations such as for(var/mob/M in view()) etc. without adding unnecessary checks which slow down performance further
Actually I might be stupid and just looked at the wrong thing lol
We do already have a hearers() proc that returns a list of mobs that can "hear" the object reference. As the documentation notes, it currently operates under the presumption that opaque objects block sound like they do light.

Is that what you were in the market for?
Does it disregard luminosity? Couldn't find that info
In response to Nivrak
It does! Unless you're in opacity-based darkness, in which case, the opaque objects would still block sound like they do light.
Oh right I just recalled what I actually wanted, a hear() function which is like hearers() but for objects as well