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I took a trip down memory lane and decided I wanted to host an old game that I used to love playing. The host files are public. I just have no idea how to host, like at all. I opened up dream daemon, made sure my firewall allowed everything, and I clicked on the green button to Go. I can log into the game myself and play alone, but nobody else can join. This is the message I get from Dream Daemon:

"Logging in...connected
Wed May 25 21:39:52 2022
World opened on network port 50524.
Welcome BYOND! (5.0 Public Version 514.1584)
EpicWarp failed: (19, 26, 58): No match for WINDEX=58
Basic factions loaded

BYOND hub reports port 50524 cannot be reached by players."

If anybody would be so kind to offer a noob some guidance, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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Your router is probably not allowing the port 50524 to be reached by players (which is what that error is trying to say). So you need to look up how to forward ports for your router in order to let others connect. Every router is different so try looking up your exact one on for instructions.
Thanks im gonna try to figure it out and see how it goes.
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Ok so I figured out how to port forward. The game is showing that it's live. I can connect via dream daemon but theres one problem... Using the regular byond client I can't connect. I've tried on my laptop too. The game says live but when I connect it says connection failed.
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On your Dream Daemon instance, there should be a button that allows you to connect via Dream Seeker. Does that function correctly?
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Yeah that button works for me. But thats all
This is what is shows in my log now when I start the world:

"World opened on network port 54972.
EpicWarp failed: (40, 80, 25): No match for WINDEX=102
EpicWarp failed: (21, 60, 13): No match for WINDEX=37
EpicWarp failed: (98, 32, 8): No match for WINDEX=103
Basic factions loaded
BYOND hub reports port 54972 can be reached by players."

Its saying it can be reached by players but I can't connect on my other computer.
Assuming you are on the same LAN, running a simple ipconfig to get your hosts machines local ipv4 can be used to make the connection.

Alternatively, given you port forwarded and such and Dream Daemon states it can be reached by players: connecting via your public IP (you can find this via Whats My Ip-Address).

just connect by BYOND pager: File> Open Location> byond://insert_ip_address_here:insert_port_here

obviously, insert_ip_address being something like

and insert_port_here being the port number thats listening to the connections.

All computers have localhost on to "connect" to their own ports. Then each device on your network has a network ip address assigned to them by your router. THEN your router has a public ip address which is given by your internet service provider.

You mentioned that you were hosting on port 50524 but later posted it was 54972. So I am going to assume you are hosting on port 54972 now.

Dream Daemon is connecting to your world through localhost ( for your world)
On the host machine you need to add a bookmark to dream seeker with address

On your network machine(s) you need to add a bookmark to dream seeker with the same IP Address that you "port forwarded" to.

For security reasons you have done well to not reveal your network ip addresses. Obviously your public ip is ok to share though.

Hope this helps.