Well, it's been a week. More roller-coaster riding when it comes to medical stuff, and now I seem to have a mini-flare of gout and carpal tunnel at the same time. That last part is partly from doing so much with the map editor.

But this week I did pivot a bit to a backlog of 514 bugs, and put out a new maintenance release. A couple of the issues that were in the queue were nasty ones, like a problem with animation that took me most of a day to make sense of. Somehow, though, I managed to get through a couple of those issues and here we are.

The map editor has been a little trickier. In the course of my testing I finally got to compilation, and that's where some of the changes crapped the bed. Basically the way the map controls have to completely reload after a compile turned out to be a problem. I'm trying to work through that now, and if possible I want to be able to preserve the ability to undo earlier changes (to whatever degree is doable). In the process I've been streamlining some backend stuff that was involved in the compilation process.

Once that bump is cleared I think it'll be much smoother sailing toward completing the rest of the punch list, or pushing some of those items aside for the beta sequence. So we're really a lot closer than we have been for a while, and I'm happy about that. I know it's been a long process, but thanks for sticking with me.

And thanks of course to all of you who've helped support BYOND through Membership or on our other donation platforms. It really makes all the difference.

Next week I'm hoping to get done with the biggest map editor stuff, body permitting, and finally be in cleanup mode. We'll see how that goes, though. Beyond that I'm hoping it'll be a quieter week, especially in terms of phone spam. But I'm willing to sacrifice a little quiet for a fireworks show if I can find one, because I haven't been to one in ages. Enjoy the summer and grill a steak vicariously for me. And if you meet a phone spammer in real life, please hurt them any way you legally can. I'll be back next week.
I hope things grow better for your medical-planning situation and your gout/carpal tunnel. I bid you godspeed when it comes to the map editor nonsense, I'm sure you've got a lot to untangle.

We've been grilling a lot more than previous years this year, which is great. I'll grill some burgers in your name!
Lummox JR wrote:
phone spam.

Never had phone spam, went to the hospital and boom, never ending phone spam. Don't give hospitals your phone number.