Hello hello,

I'm looking to get a -- not sure the exact word for it, but a standalone installer for my game. Who would I contact and whats the process for that? I heard something about going to lummox, but im not sure what his email is. Or if there is a person below that I should talk to about it

Byond's Gangsta
The tool you're referring to is the BYONDexe tool. It allows you to compile your project as an .exe file, which eases distribution.

The use of BYONDexe requires approval from Lummox JR, and with that approval comes a key that will let you create an EXE file with a specific project. If your game's hub listing status is set to "Published", you can send Lummox JR a BYOND pager message or send a direct e-mail to [email protected] for access.

If you have created a project that doesn't yet have a hub listing for it, go ahead and make one. Make sure it has a bit of art of the game, as well as a decent description and some fitting tags, and I or another moderator can set its status to "Published", at which point you can ask Lummox for a key to use BYONDexe.