by AERProductions
Construct your lineage in a living world.
Greetings from the life giving waters of Pondera!

A new update has been released that brings about a fresh new experience for Pondera.

This update includes:

Plethora of bug and function fixes
New Day/Night & Light systems
New weather particle effects
New client/world view
New movement system
New reflection system
Interface make-over
Class changes

It is still being polished and tested in-house, but it is worthy of a release.
This should make the game playable again, as the last state it was in was not.
The interface make-over allows users to maximize the game without an unsightly mess.
The gameplay-loop is reinstated, however, there is no longer an afterlife and permadeath is in effect. This should make your decisions more meaningful and have a bigger impact.
Class changes for sandbox mode have reduced selection to builder, landscaper and smithy.
The world/client view provides a revised perspective. No more black borders on the map and you can't zoom out as far.
Movement has also received some changes. You are no longer able to click to move and the character movement is more life-like.
Day/Night/Lighting have received overhauls with new systems, they are less burdensome on the game and easier to work with.
Sound also now works as intended.

Overall, this update was a joy to provide. The game is once again playable and in a new light.

Enjoy and Stay Hydrated!

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