The keys are Teostra and RagingRajang, I've been trying to get into them but they've been rendered "inactive" and they need to be reset at their respective emails for me to get on them again.

I've moved to a new computer and haven't had need to use byond in a while but now I'm back and I need those keys for certain games on Byond- I've even tried relogging into to them from my old computer but the response I get now is that the password I've used for byond is too old? And that I need to update to a new version of Byond. Which I've done on both of my computers, but now I'm here.

I believe the both of them used hotmails or outlook as emails but I'd like to be able to get that changed, its been so long that I really CANT remember what they are. Old computer didn't save them either.

The only way I can prove that I'm the owner of them is by knowing that I've played sigrogana legends 2 on both of them, and I'm sure I have 3 characters each on them. Or maybe 3 on one and 2 on the other. I was using the keys as extra slots for characters whenever I felt like playing a different one.

Another way I can prove that I'm the owner of them is through their PASSWORDS.

If it's at all possible to change their emails to another one with assistance here, that'd be great. Or even to have their emails told to me at all.
Sigrogana Legends 2 are the only games I've PLAYED on those accounts and I'd really hate to lose the hours of progress I spent grinding for those characters, its really not an easy thing to do, especially with my schedule right now.

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