**Looking For:**
- Capable programmer with knowledge and experience in the DM language.
- Must be dedicated and willing to work at least a couple hours a week to push progress in the game.
- Be able to handle criticism and receive feedback in a professional manner.

**Project Info:**
- Universe 7 is a project a friend and I started working on a couple months ago. It is a DBZ fan game using a really old version of the zeta source that dates back to 03-05. We’ve spent dozens of hours in revamping both old code and icons to bring an old game back to life with new features, interactive combat, new graphics and endless content.

**Our Goal:**
- We have a couple ideas in mind on where we want to go with this project. Our main goal for right now is to finish the source overhaul and have a live version of the game similar to the original. As the player base grows, we want to see the game develop into something unique as new content is added in.

**Your Task:**
- Simply put, you will be assigned with doing most of the bulk work, while our other programmer oversees the work being done while giving a helping hand when needed.
- Most of the code rework from the original source is already done. We want you to help us finish the revamp in order to get the game up and running.

- **This is unpaid work**. We’re working on this project out of passion for the genre and to bring a new and enjoyable game to BYOND. We don’t expect you to work religiously on this, but as long as progress is made, we’ll be happy with it.

If you have any questions regarding the task at hand, or want to know more about the project, don’t hesitate to shoot me a PM. I will gladly share samples of our work as well.

I look forward to working together!