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As the title says. And if not, would it ever be added? I would like proper deletion, not just de-activation.
It is not possible to delete your account. You can only deactivate it by navigating to the top-right of the site where your username's dropdown is and selecting "Manage Account", navigating to the lower-right and selecting "Deactivate Account".

For what it's worth, nobody can navigate to a deactivated account's /members page or see any of their favorites or post history. All of your contributions will persist on the site in a read-only fashion. You don't have any besides this post, so you deactivating your account would effectively be the end of it. Reactivation of a deactivated account requires an e-mail confirmation to the parent e-mail of the related account, so nobody else should be able to reactivate it but you.

As to whether the ability to delete your account will be added, waaaaay back when, Dan wanted to add this, but never did after some discussion between other developers. One driving reason was because some games use keynames for admin permissions which means that if a key is deleted and then remade by another user, they would inherit their identity and thus their admin permissions on that game.

It's quite safe to say this will never be added.
To add on to what Spevacus said, we also need to keep a stub record for database integrity. The whole system was designed around accounts being handled a certain way.
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For what it's worth? It's worth exactly nothing. I want it deleted for game side reasons, not forum reasons.
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For game-side reasons? Whatever does that mean? If you're trying to expunge your data from specific games' records, you'd need to reach out to those specific games and request for your data to be deleted.

Even if your BYOND account was deleted, whatever footprint it left behind on other games (i.e. whatever those games chose to store about your BYOND account) would be left around. The only data BYOND itself stores is what's available on your BYOND account page, your favorites, your forum posts and hubs, and some traffic data. It doesn't store anything that the games store about you.

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