I started this week with the best of intentions, and wanted to set a lofty stretch goal of trying to get 515 into beta this week. That obviously didn't happen. Things started out pretty well, with a late feature addition to 515 and some bug fix work going on for 514. Because of the bug fixes, I already planned to get another maintenance release out before moving 515 to beta.

But then, I got sick. I'm not crippled by whatever hit me, but Tuesday I had a sore throat, Wednesday I was exhausted all day, and Thursday was a mix where even though I felt less tired I was in a brain fog. Today is feeling about on par with yesterday. This was a huge setback and it basically forced me to push off anything requiring much mental focus to next week. That includes compilation testing under Linux for 515, which still needs to happen.

Somehow I finished pretty strong, and got in some fixes for 514 and 515 alike that turned up at the last minute. So all told, it wasn't a complete loss of a week, but it wasn't great either. Hopefully next week will be less of a mess.

Pretty soon we'll be in the beta for 515, and once the worst initial bugs are ironed out I want to push hard into SendMaps() threading to see if I can make it work this time. Time will tell! Also I want to get a rudimentary API going for external libraries to call back, like I discussed last week on Patreon.

This rounds out September, though, and my thanks go out again to every one of you who stepped up to the plate to help support the platform.

Halloween will soon be upon us! It's time to dust off your spooky games and get ready for an epic horror blowout. In the meantime stay safe, stay strong, and know that the secret to not buying bags of Take 5 is Wegmans not frelling stocking them. See you next week.

Yes I bought donuts last weekend.