For no clear reason everything is working "fine" now.

I am running windows 10
Hello, I'm having quite a bit of trouble connecting to servers. Last night I was playing fine, but now dreamseeker doesn't connect to certain servers. I've been scrambling around for solution's but nothing has worked. Here's what I've tried:
Clearing Cache
Reinstalling Byond
Reverting Byond to 1585
Connecting via different links

Here are the three phases of the process

Occationally this error window appears instead of the regular disconnecting. t
So i tried to Uncheck the box "Login to games as guest if Pager is not running", and reset my password per:
but this did nothing, although it did provoke it to prompt the security error instead of the network error
I'm not sure how pertinent this is but I cannot connect to CM and /tg/ hub servers which did merge a PR today, I think it transferred to 1588, all others ive checked work fine.
Thank you for help in advance.