I've been playing World of Warcraft quite a bit lately.
...Okay, I've been playing it a lot lately. I think one big reason why I haven't gotten bored with it as quickly as a couple of other MMOs I've tried is the fact that I've set up Joy2Key so I can play this game with my USB gamepad. I also have a nasty habit of taking screenshots! I recently found the folder where they all go, so let's see myself from playtime hours gone by...

One day I got very, very lost. After getting my head bit clean off by a sea monster, I respawned in an unfamiliar area. Mere seconds after I took this screenshot, I got zapped in the ass by a thunderbolt. :(

Raptor mounts are too expensive! How will I-...what are those two doing? Staying very still, I watch as they finish mooing to each other and now they're.....oh dear.

A collection of pictures can't be complete without some immature humor.

I heard about the fabled idiocy of the Barrens chat, but I refused to believe it. Now I believe.

Once again, I got very lost. "Yay boat! Let's ride the boat! ^-^" I got on the boat, and died at the destination. After 15 minutes of frantically searching, I find the boat again. There's a LV60-70 alliance character there too. We stare each other down...and we shake what our mommas gave us!

Smartass. >:(

Oh god! I signed up for the battlegrounds, not Children of the Corn!

This is me, discovering how to send in-game mail for the first time.

This is also me, discovering that GHOSTS can DIE. This is what prevents you from walking across the entire ocean from one continent to the next.

I discovered wall-jumping, and put my skills to the test. I'm standing on the dividing line between two areas of the game; to the left is the Barrens (and its chat) and to the right is Mulgore, the Tauren starting area. It was raining in Mulgore, so I had fun running back and forth over the line to make it start/stop raining quickly.

I got somewhere I wasn't supposed to! After wall-jumping some more, I ended up slipping off of the zone radar and left all global chats. I was then informed that I could be banned if I was caught doing this, so I had to retire my mountain climbing. :(

Here's another picture of the messy mystery area.

Sun Rock Retreat is under attack! I made the Horde proud by hightailing it to the pond and hiding underwater like the sissy that I am. The game thinks I'm still above the water, so I had no breath meter. I stayed like this for 10~ minutes.

In WoW, you fish by casting into the water and then right-clicking your little cork when you see it bob. What do you do when your camera is controllable? You cheat hardcore!

Houdini would be proud. If you're standing on an ore deposit while someone else mines it away, you're left in mid-air until you try to walk or jump.

Here, Zeifer and a hunter challenge each other to a duel. Looks like someone didn't notice the trap laid down ahead of time!

And that's that.
Nice collection. more please. ^_^
Haha, nice screenshots. When I first started WoWing, I went a bit screenshot crazy too.

That has to be my personal fav though. xD
Nice screenies. It's wierd for me seeing an un-modded interface.

Private servers FTW
FinalFantasyGamer wrote:
Nice screenies. It's wierd for me seeing an un-modded interface.


That interface looks so -weird-. Wow.
Also, I'm jealous of your HP.
Yea it is quite wierd... I don't really like it much. I'd rather have something like

... a lil more clean and nicer, but I'm to lazy to try to get all the textures working on my own and don't wanna have to loose out on my mods i like if I use a whole pack.
I'm using this currently. I like it :P

I have a 62 Tauren Druid and a now 48 BE Pally.
I have to get back into WoW. :( I miss my Hunter and my little pet, Humar the Pridelord. :(