i've been on byond for about 13 years about, this is my first post. I'm not here to flame focus on development, but I seriously do not understand what obstacles limit active development for linux. I understand internet explorer and what not, but it's 2023.
BYOND was designed for Windows. Also a very small minority of our users are on Linux. It wouldn't really make much sense to put in so much leg work just so people can use BYOND on Linux.
BYOND has a single full-time developer who isn't a Linux guy.
Despite making up 1% of the userbase, Linux users are responsible for 90% of bug reports

Source: Some game dev studio that did a Linux port of a game a while ago and all they got in return were complaints.
To be fair though, good bug reports are always useful. I value that aspect of the SS13 community in particular.
Actual quote: Despite having just 5.8% of sales, over 38% of bug reports come from Linux. However, only 1% of those bugs were specific to linux
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Which also fits with my experience from the SS13 community. The big server owners are the ones finding the esoteric bugs.
I don't think it's worth wasting energy trying to develop for Linux. Instead, its better to spend quite a bit of energy on compatibility with Wine.

BYOND works almost perfectly under Wine and the only place it doesn't work well is in Internet Explorer 10 (some javascript issues on some servers)

Apparently, IE11 is finally dying and a transition to Chromium is planned. I think this will help a lot.