Problem description:

This is a bit of an open ended question rather than specific code.

Say I have a dungeon crawler with procedural level generation and Fog of War. Anything not explored is black.

The player can target ranged weapons, which draws a line to their (keyboard-movable) cursor.

They can attempt to target things that are out of their field of view, as they have access to weapons which pierce terrain - sometimes "indefinitely".

However, since you cannot draw off the bounds of the map, if they attempt to aim into the void and see their reticle stop, they know that they have reached the edge of the map. I would like to avoid this.

The simple solution is to make the map larger than the playable map, with an empty border - but, with the ability to zoom in/out, it would probably need to be pretty big.

The second solution I have considered is to simply have all targeting graphics be HUD only, which is probably a better solution overall even if it might be a bit of a PitA.

Are there other methods I haven't thought of? Have you had to work around it - if so, what kind of solution did you use?
Could extend the map and pad it so you'll always have extra space on the sides to avoid showing the edges.

Could also place a object on the client's screen and use that for mouse detecting.

Might be able to change the client's perspective variable to EDGE_VIEW