So I've been having an issue where I can't connect to any games from byond. The launcher works fine but byond doesn't load any servers or games. When I try to replay SS13 it tells me that the connection failed and that I might have issues connecting to So far I've tried disabling my antivirus and my firewall individually as well as uninstalling and reinstalling multiple times. At this point I am at a loss as to what could be blocking me from connecting to Byond servers.
Hello Famenicio,

It does sound like something is denying the connection for BYOND traffic. Since you have already attempted to configure your antivirus and firewall, try restoring the default settings in Internet Options:

1) Search for Internet Options using the Windows search bar.
2) Go to the Security tab and select "Restore all zones to default level"
3) Go to the Advanced tab and select "Restore advanced settings"
4) Click apply and OK, then see if the issue has resolved.

Good luck!
Hello Higoten,

Thanks for responding. Unfortunately the solution you provided did not work. I was able to see your message from the Byond client meaning it should have been able to connect to somehow but I still cannot connect to any games. Would having a VPN possibly be the issue? I don't have it enabled all the time.
Got same issue as Famenicio, problem started today or tomorrow (as i didnt play then).. im a extremely active player

but today when i looked on byond client it shows a red text at bottom of byond client saying "The BYOND Hub is currently unreachable. Some functionality will be unavailable."