Sigrogana Legend 2

by Devourer Of Souls
Sigrogana Legend 2
Multiplayer RPG set in a unique RP-mandatory fantasy setting.

The large update is now live! You can visit the site below for the full extended previews. Below are the full patch notes of the update. If you're new to the game, then join our friendly Discord community, as well! - Update preview site. - Discord server

2.70 - Diastrophism #1

Dark Bard
  • Added a brand new promoted class for the Bard base class called Dark Bard.
  • 21 new skills with many new animations.

Map Requests
  • Wanderer's Vale Floors 2+3 (Courtesy of Slydria)
  • Geladyne Construction Workshop (Courtesy of Appo)
  • Fairview Renovation (Courtesy of Appo)
  • Telegrad Southern Fields Urbanization (Courtesy of Autumn)
  • Various minor map changes (Courtesy of Dev)

New Areas (Korvara)
  • Added 6 new large exterior areas.
  • Added 5 new dungeon areas.
  • Added many new interior areas for the above.
  • Added 12 new battlefield maps.

New Enemies
  • Added 3 new boss monsters.
  • Added 13 new monster enemies.
  • Added several dozen new monster skills and many new animations for the above.

New Equipment Items
  • Added 30 new equipment items to the Korvara item pool.

New Materials
  • Added 20 new item materials;
  • 5 Ore
  • 5 Wood
  • 5 Page
  • 5 Cloth

New Enchantments & Adjustemnts
  • Added 8+ new enchantments.
  • Volcanic (Weapon); Damage effect now hits all enemies except the original target within 5 Range.
  • Volcanic (Armor); Effect changed; +25 HP. Being hit by an attack creates Cinders at all tiles within 2 Range (LV 15, 2 duration, once per round.)

New Special Strikes & Adjustments
  • Added 10 new Special Strikes to various weapons.
  • Added animations to all pre-existing Special Strikes which did not have them.
  • Maou; Damage now ignores armor.

New Item Potentials
  • Added 10 new Item Potentials to various weapons.
  • XP requirement to unlock potentials has been adjusted.

New Crystal Terminal Upgrade
  • Added 1 new Crystal Terminal upgrade.

New Traits
  • Added 15 new character traits.

New Youkai
  • Added 3 new Youkai; Fire Elemental, Wind Elemental, and Kerberos.
  • Added an animation for Snow Crow's Creysr.

New Donation Item
  • Added Sticker Set 2, containing Air and Risu stickers.
  • Added Ashe Padoru and Nemalyth Padoru as free stickers.

New Craft Recipes
  • Added 22 new material change kit recipes.
  • Added 12 new Tailoring recipes.
  • Added 1 new Metalwork recipe.
  • Added 4 new Alchemy recipes.
  • Added 8 new enchantment catalyst recipes.
  • Added 8 new recipe books (available in various shops on both Korvara and G6).

  • Added over a dozen new music tracks, including a new Korvara battle theme and boss theme.
  • Added animations for Absorb and Reflect effects.
  • Spiritualism spirits will no longer leave you if your talent rank is insufficient; instead, they will simply not take effect. (IE, if you have 5 spirits and only rank 4 Possession, the 5th spirit will not give any bonuses.)
  • Battle rings now have a flashing state for enemies who have 1 HP (which makes tracking things such as Winged Serpent's final attack HP threshold easier).
  • Walking monsters over level 70 are now immune to traps placed on the map. (Not traps which are used in battle.)

  • Execute; Bonus damage capped at +100.
  • Watchful Eye; Now has a 3 round CD.

  • Strangling Etacof; HP damage capped at 50, FP damage capped at 25.

  • Ice Point Guard; Can now parry monster weapons.
  • Icicle Spear; Now has a 3 round CD.
  • Crawling Spikes; Now has a 1 round CD. Damage bonus for multiple hits reduced to 25%/100% max per extra hit (from 50%/200%).
  • Rapid Kick; Now has a 1 round CD. 3 round CD if the enhanced version is used.

  • Fenri; Base Power changed to 11 (from 15), base Weight changed to 15 (from 6).
  • Hisen; Fatal Stroke adjusted. New animation effect. Damage can now critically hit and restores 5 FP for every enemy defeated by its effect.
  • Throwing Dagger; No longer receives Farshot penalties within its default attack range.
  • Elytra; Blunt resistance changed to 1*UL%. Effect which activates on knockdown removed.
  • Red Letter; No longer absorbs Fire damage or gives an Ice weakness. Now deals Fire bonus damage equal to 50% of Fire ATK on hit.
  • Circle Ring; Effect changed; Gives Skill
  • Circle Nine. (Prove to everyone you're not an idiot by dealing 99% of your Ice ATK as bonus armor-ignoring Ice damage to all enemies in a 3 range Circle. You also gain Absorb Ice (Limited) LV 1 for 9 rounds. 9 round CD.)
  • Reactive Armor; Fire damage effect must now come from an enemy and has a 1 round CD. Damage increased to 10 + UL (from 2 + UL).
  • Guard Riposte item effects; Now only triggers if the Guard LV is at least 30.
  • Masking Trail; SWA Ratio is now 100%. Skill now goes on a 3 round CD when invoked successfully.
  • Luckiness Dance; Now has Dance tag.

- Fixed a bug where Conductor's Misdirection didn't work when used on a player character.
- Fixed a bug where weather effects would persist if you were defeated in battle.
- Fixed a bug where resistances given by prayer statuses were calculated incorrectly.
- Fixed a bug where elemental resists weren't updating if you used a material kit on an equipped item.
- Fixed a bug where skill/movement usage while airborne sometimes didn't break the airborne effect.
- Fixed a bug where Jet Stream knocked back enemies who dodged its damage.
- Fixed a bug where certain bonus Critical Damage modifiers for basic attacks weren't applying.
- Fixed a bug where Excel Crash Plus effects for Turnover weren't activating.
- Fixed a bug where Critical Damage calculations that didn't involve a weapon didn't actually provide a critical multiplier above 100%, leading to no damage increase.
- Fixed a bug where Frostbite applied by Chilling Rune was using an incorrect value.
- Various other reported bug fixes.