What's happening?
A game jam is being hosted by F0lak! Game Jam is a developer challenge pitting you against your peers. You will be given a prompt (a theme, a setting, perhaps a style) and have a short period of time to make a game out of it! Games are judged by volunteers and winners can get money!

The event begins on Friday, March 10th, and goes until the following Friday, March 17th.

What's the prize?
The current prize pool stands at $600 and a BYOND membership. There's plenty of time for more folks to pitch in, though!

I need links! Where do I sign up?
Here's the Game Jam 2023 thread, along with a link to the BYONDiscord, where chat is taking place. Mention to F0lak in the #game-jam-2023 channel that you'd like to participate! If you would prefer to not join the Discord server, send F0lak a message on BYOND instead!

More info:
F0lak is hosting Gam Jam 2023 this year! It will begin on Friday, March 10th and run through Friday, March 17th. Participants will have 96 hours to complete their project to be able to submit it in time. Submissions will be judged on matters of Ease of Use, the Gameplay itself, its Fun level, the Visual quality, the Sound used, as well as any Music utilized. If you're interested, check out the links above to list yourself as a participant!

I hope to see a bunch of great games out of this!
thank you papa
can u make submissions even if you aren't allowed in the discord?
In response to TiltHour
Send a reply in the main thread and tell F0lak you're interested. I'm sure he can work something out.
The jam is open to anyone and everyone. If you prefer to use the pager to contact me to sign up, then feel free! Be sure to send me your date and time that youd like to start (start and end times just fall within the timeline of the event) and Ill be sure to send out your themes in time!

Ps the prize Pool is now up to $300 USD

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