This week, a lot less happened than I had hoped. The short version of that story is that I still feel pretty crappy, but I did start physical therapy and I think I'm on the right track. (It's my neck, not my shoulder.) Even so, I haven't been in a good position to do anything too involved.

What I did do was make a change to the thread code so that particles, SendMaps, and the icon frame hashing not only use the "pull" model I discussed previously on Patreon, but that they avoid creating and destroying threads in favor of simply waking them. This should, I hope, be a better choice for performance overall.

I'll probably do a bug fix release of 515.1603 early next week, and if all is well I'd like to get going on SendMaps testing right after that. We've been close for a while; I just waited to pull the trigger for a lot of secondary reasons.

On other fronts, not too long ago I was asked about where things stand with improving the external call interface in BYOND, which is one of my 515 goals, and I haven't forgotten that. In fact I think that'll be today's Patreon post.

Physical therapy runs into money, and for the next couple of months my wife is out on disability, so don't forget to hit up the tip jar and show your support, whether through BYOND Membership or on the other donation platforms. I'm deeply grateful to all of you who've helped keep this project going.

As always, the work continues. Be excellent to each other, and party on, dudes.