It's been a difficult week over here, not just because of ongoing physical constraints but some pretty awful news. Jack was doing poorly, but what we had hoped was an abscess on the side of his face was actually an aggressive tumor. His quality of life was going downhill fast and he couldn't get his mouth open enough to get a lot of food in, so on Tuesday we made the hard decision to put him down. So that's been a pretty nasty pall over the week.

Despite the setbacks, work has continued. I put out a new release on Wednesday with some more bug fixes, and so far so good, so I went forward buttoning up changes to prep for SendMaps testing.

The good news to come out of this week is that the SendMaps testing has begun. Early results have been really promising for performance, but there is at least one bug in play that involves visual contents. Thanks to the testers coming up with a reliable test case I've found the bug, only to find my solution has opened a ginormous can of worms. But my hope is that the major issues can be shaken out very quickly, and hopefully we can get on to Linux testing after that.

As always I'm grateful to all of the BYOND Members and donors whose contributions make it possible to do this work. Thank you for your support and helping this platform continue to improve.

With any luck, and I mean literally any luck, next week will be a lot better. I hope to have good news on the development front come next Friday as well. Until then, have a good weekend and I'll catch you on the other side.