Poll: Which one of my games are you looking forward to the most?

Bleach (anime) 53% (259)
Naruto (real time) 14% (71)
Naruto (turn based) 4% (20)
Dodgeball Online (sport) 2% (11)
Conquer of Ages (real time strategy) 2% (10)
MMORPG-type game (morpg, no title yet) 2% (12)
S-Cry-Ed (anime) 10% (52)
Super Smash Bros. (arcade) 2% (12)
How to make a game (tutorial) 4% (21)
Other / Request (specify) 2% (13)

Only members of can vote.

Don't post here just to say "None" or anything like that, this is meant for only people who have some kind of game that they know I'm making or hope I make. Anyway, its just a poll of which one you're looking forward to. I want to see where my fan base is so I can make those games top priority (i.g. Why work on a game 1 person wants, when 200 people want a different one type thing)

Note: NONE of my games are rips, so don't go "omg not the naruto one, we don't need another".
I can't wait for POTN to come back rofl I love the handseal idea for Jutsus. Feels more Naruto realism.
1. I want SSB, BUT NPOTN is frikken awesome. I iconed like 2 icons before remember? XD

2. Even though I like NPOTN, I think there should be no more Naruto games. But NPOTN is awesome.

3. Tutorial will be helpful.
Scryed... NAO!!!
S-Cry-Ed would be nice. but there really dosnt need to be another naruto game even if it isnt ripped
S-Cry-Ed NOW PLZ !!!!
lol, alot of votes for S-Cry-Ed :O I need icons for that game >.< All I have is a base and a few animations and a few hairs.. and 1 altar XD.

And someone hit Other / Request and didn't specify XD, waste of a vote :(

I'm surprised I've gotten this many votes period lol
Bleach ^^; of course!
But really, an MMORPG
:o Bleach made a crazy comeback lol and passed everything else
Oh come on.
Wouldn't you rather see what he can do with a tutorial?
lol, I kinda wanna do the MMORPG because I have alot of cool classes and stuff, it even has pixel movement. But meh, so many icons needed for that :P. And the coding is a pain. Probably because I did alot of first-time things in it.
I'm lookin forward to the MMPR GAME XD!!
lalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalala gotta love spam =O!!!!!!!!!
Dude this Bleach game is already out
Dude, When I am gonna here some news on NTB?
Ichigo 2000 wrote:
Dude this Bleach game is already out
Hmm... consider the vote as v2 of bleach :P

And NTB, I dunno.. we're adding missions and stuff... News to come? :P
when is bleach v2 coming out VcentG?
because i liked the first one ALOT!!!
and i haven't played anything on byond after that.
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