After much deliberation, the judging for Game Jam 2023 has concluded and the winners have been decided!

As always, thank you to all of the participants for stepping up and mak-ing gam. Without you all making something awesome now and again, BYOND wouldn't be BYOND anymore. We hope that the $600 prize pool, distributed amongst y'all, will be sufficient for the impressive skills you showcased in such a short period of time. Additionally, thanks very much to F0lak for bringing us all together for an awesome competition!

Ahem! Without further ado... The winners are...

First place: D4RK3 54B3R (Darksaber) for Carrot Knight! (Source code)
Second place: Lige for Sea Stallions!
Third place: Crazah for Fancy Antz!
Fourth place: Raffile for Farmland!

Honorable mention: Ter13 for his game, which was disqualified as being built on the Beta version. (Source code)

I'll be reaching out to each of the winners on Discord to connect them with F0lak so they may receive their share of the prize pool. Please give our winners a round of e-applause and maybe give the source code of some of the projects a spin yourselves! Who knows, maybe you'll compete next time?
Congratulations guys!
Congratulations to the winners and to all who created a project for the Game Jam!
Just wanna clarify that the version of the game that was submitted, albeit two hours late, was built on 514.
Big congrats, and thanks to all the contestants for jumping in! I'd love to see this kind of thing more often.
The update in the feed said to "come congratulate your fellow develepors!". If changing the colour of some clothes counts as developer skills, then congratulations to the winners and everyone who participated! If it does not count then I take my congratulations back.
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To what are you referring?
Thanks for hosting the event F0lak! It's been many years since I've developed anything in BYOND, but coming back for a gamejam like this was a blast! :)

Looking forward to the next one!
Congratz, keep on going.
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When can we expect the full release of Carrot Knight?
congrats winnas

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You're telling me this archaic engine has game jams? lmao thats awesome and congrats to those who won!
very epic