Sengoku Roleplay

by Lige
Sengoku Roleplay
A roleplaying game.
Hello again everyone! We're back again with another weekly development update, showcasing the progress we've made over the past week. Admittedly, this will be one of our shorter postings, only having a few new things to show off, however these things are large leaps in tackling what remains until we begin our initial phases of testing. With that being said, here it is.

Action Point System
This week this is what took up the majority of our resources. An overhaul of combat as we've displayed it this far. You'll notice that our combat menu has been slightly tweaked, removing the Flee option and adding the options to Move and End Turn as well as adding a side bar to display how much AP you have remaining within the turn. Fleeing will now be it's own mechanic, an option given once you approach the outsides of a combat arena in which your roll to escape will be effected by several considered variables. Combat itself has been overhauled as well in the way that each action move will now cost action points, in which a player will have x amount of per turn varying based on their character passive build. We feel this will have our combat feel less streamlined and allow for more flexibility per turn, adding a depth of strategy and consideration to a player's turn and a combat session as an entirety.

PvP Challenging
We've shown off a lot of us fighting NPCs both as a team and individually, but now we're excited to finally show off fighting one another! This is still an early iteration of how player challenging will go, as in the future there will be ways to adjust the danger variations of combat settings among other things. But for now, we wanted to show off the earliest moments of Player vs Player combat!

Again we thank you all for your continued support. This showcase is a short one, but overhauling combat and introducing the Action Point system is one of the major things that stood between us and preparing the earliest versions of public testing, eventually leading to our official release. One foot in front of the other, we're happy to showcase our consistent development. We encourage everyone to join our discord by clicking the image below to follow development more closely and ask the developers any questions you may have! Until next time.