It's been a short week here, and paradoxically a shorter weekend before it. But somehow we made it to Friday, and that's what matters.

The first order of business this week was to get out a new release, which I'd hoped to do over the weekend. I did put work in toward that end during the weekend, but things were too chaotic which is why the release had to wait till Tuesday. New test builds for threading went out at the same time.

Then as it turned out, I had more releases to do, because one of the fixes in build 1607 somehow broke some very cursed code found in most SS13 codebases that were mixing direct (and unnecessary) calls to text() with the correct method of string embeds, which was harmless until the change to embedded string parsing had the unforeseeable effect of causing the compiler to crash on said code. Yikes! So new releases and new test builds went out yet again.

I still wasn't done, because I found out at the 11th hour that on Linux the threading was somehow really messed up and was causing CPU racing. This led me down an annoying rabbit hole where I eventually learned something I wish those frelling doofuses (doofi?) could have explained in Google results 11 years ago about how pthread_cond_timedwait() actually works. This is why Linux programming is the worst: It takes literal decades to find answers to the most basic questions. Anyway, I did another test build and that seems to have solved the problem.

During all that I've also been working on getting code in for the promised call_ext() extensions, and now I have to work on building a .lib file to use them in Windows as I talked about on Patreon last week. Apparently in Linux that isn't a thing, and that's the one bit of praise I'll give it.

Thanks go out to all of you whose support for BYOND keeps it all going. For those who aren't on board yet, you can become BYOND Members or donate through other channels like Patreon and SubscribeStar.

Surprisingly I'm not melting from the heat, even though the last couple of days it's been in the 90s here. It's a proper start to summer, even if my ice cream place is twisting the cherry Dole Whip with vanilla (ugh) insteda of lemon. Keep cool, and always remember your towel.
Lummox JR wrote:
Surprisingly I'm not melting from the heat