Problem: BYOND won't load

Expected result: BYOND loads up

Actual result: Stays on the "Loading game information" screen for around 30 minutes, before changing to "Loading live games from BYOND Hub - 100%" screen indefinitely

Attempted fixes:
Restarting my computer
Closing BYOND and re-opening it
Reinstalling BYOND
Reinstalling BYOND to a completely different drive
Turning off all antivirus, including windows antivirus
Giving BYOND access to public and private network firewalls
Renaming cfg folder in BYOND folder to cfg.old
Restarting my router

Problem: Still won't load

I found out what I was doing wrong
The cfg folder I renamed was located in the actual program folder, not the one in user/documents, once I renamed the BYOND folder to BYOND.old and cfg to cfg.old, my BYOND now loads up perfectly normal