Hello, this thread will include everything i got to say about new overhaul so far.

Disclaimer: I have around 10 years of map tool usage specifically for ss13. So i hope i have some insights that would be useful to provide for the overhaul and you would humour me when i get to talk about what i think are negative parts of overhaul, thanks.

Positive changes:
1.New rendering that doesn't choke when you zoom out is amazing addition
2.Variable zoom is simply superb
3.Palette is huge addition, it really shines when you have to make a new map from scratch - now you can do that without actually making such palette physically, on a map.
4.New variable window is nice and i love the fact that variables are now sorted going from /datum, /atom to specific unique variables that each object type can have, saves some headdache. That said, i don't get why variable editor that you summon from right click should have been cut, having it both ways would be good
5.Ability to customize toolbar is nice, i personally am too used to how it is by default so its not much of use to me.

Neutral changes:
I have no issues with learning new hotkey layout, as long as they provide same amount of functionality, if not more.

Strange changes:
1.You cannot cut, copy, delete, replace tile which you have right clicked and instead you have to first select it using select tool, and only then you can do those.
I really don't get why we can't have both - it worked like this before after all.

2.Pencil and Rectangle fill now add atoms on top instead of replacing existing ones.
So, before, creating atoms without any hotkeys would replace any atoms that were already present on the tile, while clicking with hotkey turned on made creation additive - Now we only have additive creation and can't access replacement even with hotkeys, This is huge negative for me, because now, without using any hotkeys there's no guarantee that i haven't placed duplicates on the same tile while working on the map.

3.Pasting is now additive, for some reason.
It would be a nice addition to the toolset we have available if not for the fact that, again, we cannot access replacive pasting which, if i had to choose, i would choose copypaste and cutpaste replace anything already present on the tiles being pasted on.

4.Selecting and moving elements is now additive, for some reason.
Again, it would be great if we had ability to use it to both replace and add things onto other tile, but without this i would choose it replacing things as usual.

5.Shift-Click or eraser now only deletes things that you have selected in palette.
Why can't we have both functions? New functionality is great but at the expense of previous behaviour? Its questionable.

1.Map editor resets its coordinates back to 1,1,1 after compilation, kinda annoying but i can live with that

What would i personally prefer from the overhaul as someone who worked with map editor for so long?
1.Creating custom display layers by using atom.plane and atom.layer values to enjoy ability to not interact, replace, move, delete specific atoms (For example using it for floor decals in ss13)
2.New editor rendering makes me curious if there is a way to make option for displaying z levels below through transparent turfs?
3.Ability to customize hotkeys for map editor would settle any debate on Lummox changing default setup
4.Hotkey for rotating elements on the map based on dirs icon has?

Negative Examples
Lets try to look at some examples that showcase why negative additions are negative not only for me personally with couple of examples:

1.If i want to replace a chunk of map with something i have copied, i have to first delete that chunk and only then paste what i want there. So +1 action
2.If i want to selectively replace... I dunno, regular tables with wooden tables?
Before i could just use pencil or fill tool without pressing any hotkeys and place them on top of old tables, now i have to clean it up manually or outright delete everything from it before placing new stuff. +1 action again
3.Shift click only deleting the thing you chose from the palette means you have to manually go through (even if we take picker into account) element that you want to delete in the palette instead of just clicking on them. +2 actions

This doesn't seem like a big deal until you realize that user has to do this over and over and over again while editing map

Additions that were made are pretty much 100% positive even if there are some nitpicks, i don't think its really important.
What really splits me on this overhaul are changes to the existing functionality - it just seems like its being reduced, not increased.
Most of the shortcuts i personally had when replacing, deleting, adding something on the map have been considerably cut, and it seems like amount of actions in order for basics things to happen instead got increased.

Thanks for reading my feedback, i hope you would take this into account when you change map editor.
Also, you can't edit variables of something that has no icon or completely transparent, since you can't click on it
As I mentioned in Randy Sandy's thread it'd be best to make separate feature request posts for each request.