by IainPeregrine
Relive the glory days of gaming with a new single-player RPG. Regressia is a BYOND game like no other. It is 100% complete and uses all original Graphics, Music, and Programming. This is the real experience.

Just some examples, sometimes only a small square shows sometimes nothing.
This is a BYOND bug, as reported here: BYONDHelp?command=view_tracker_issue&tracker_issue=957

I'm working with Lummox JR to try and isolate this issue so that they can fix it, and also requested a feature to put less stress on the resource file. Until it is fixed on their end, I'll continue to search for a work around.

This bug seems to only occur after extended play. In the meantime you can get things back to normal by rebooting. Thank you for the bug report.