by IainPeregrine
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Please help me out of the Khandroma Ship. The game freezes when I answer "yes" to the "Arr! Weigh the anchor?". I've somehow got in here when first time press "Return" when I obtained this skill. I've never talked to the pirate in Red Haven though. Version 1.16
Thanks for the report. I'm not at my development computer to look through the code and diagnose this, but it would help me to know when you got the return spell. I thought it was only (generally) possible to get return /after/ speaking with the pirate, traveling to the eastern continent, and defeating the War themed titan. (It is possible to travel to the east continent without the pirate ship, by going to Alderdale first).

So I guess my question is, did defeat the second titan and then go into the ancient castle to get the book? Or was the book available to you after you defeated the first titan?

I don't have internet access at home, so it'll take me a couple days to download your save file and edit it for you, but I'll take care of that and send it back to you.
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Very thanks. I'll be waiting. As for the titans, I beat two of them (Lugh and Aries, always travelling by foot and buying tickets to the ship), then went through the aura seal (i.e. magic rune) in the Ancient Castle, there I found an old tome, (explored the castle until third floor, where monsters became too strong) and then I came back to Erastus in Willognook and he read old tome to me and it was return spell. Somewhere in town (in a house) i've used it and it took me to the pirate ship i've never seen before. And I have never ever seen any pirate in Red Haven.