Casual Quest

by IainPeregrine
A fast paced, casual, multi player action game with a little RPG touch
Status: Open

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Okay, great idea for a different class other than the vampire. Personally, I find the vampire a useless class overall and think it should be traded out. My idea? Blood Mage.

Alright, heres the class rundown:

No MP, he does spells with his own blood AKA HP. He has 8 HP in all.

He has a dagger that gives him 1/8 of the damage he does, or for every 8 hits he does or whatever works best, back as 1 health, and his skills are done with his health instead of with magic. His health cannot be restored by normal healing magic.

Skills include:

Z: Heals a single teammate with a controlled orb similar to the sage, but takes 2 of his health, or a quarter.

X: Blood aura that does 1 damage, has a radius of 3, and takes 5 HP. Has the same effect as the dagger, absorbing 1/8 of the damage each hit does. It would take 8 hits to actually heal him. It drains 1 HP every 3 seconds from the Blood Mage, but can't kill him. It stops when he has 1 HP left.

C: Revives another player for 6 HP, or 3/4 of his health.

So? How do you guys like it?

Credit for the idea of the actual class and the healing and partially the revival moves goes to me, credit for the attack healing and blood aura and partially the revival moves goes to Zeyzal and Disturbed Kat.
I personally don't think the Vampire class is as useless as you do. On the contrary, I think it's one of the more useful classes.

While it may seem useless simply because it has very little to offer, the few things it -does- have to offer can be incredibly useful.

For one, if you get low on mana you can still spam the fireball spell if you're quick enough with the buttons. And, by turning into a bat, you can easily avoid most of the enemies in the game. With a monk or a sage to replenish his aura after each round, a Vampire can rain fireballs down on enemies without ever being at risk of taking damage, which on later waves is invaluable.

The idea of a Blood Mage is interesting, but I don't think Iain ever has any plans of adding another new class to CQ, or replacing an existing one.
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Seferiel wrote:
I personally don't think the Vampire class is as useless as you do. On the contrary, I think it's one of the more useful classes.


The vampire is a great class and this kinda brings up a good opportunity to point something out. Each class has it's own strength and weaknesses, and every class has some tactical advantage that others lack. The vampire's speedy aura regen and fireball spam for instance, as well as it's bat form are a good example but the same goes for other often overlooked classes. If the class isn't working for you, then try to look at it closely and think of the best way to apply it to the given situation, some classes aren't as useful in some areas as others, some classes require some form of support to be effective, others may require better timing to be used effectively, and some may just require you to rush in and others may need you to support for the back lines. If one play style fails with the class you're using, then try another. It may also help to actually try out some of the overlooked classes and try them out, you may be pleasantly surprised.
What PM and Sef said.

Also, vampire was added (instead of werewolf, which is what I originally planned for that spot) because Williferd [who did all the mapping and cards] loved the vampire enemy so much that he wanted to see it as a character. It's also what he always plays with. So, yeah - vamp's not going away any time soon.

a better idea for it

z= plague, 2 radius, 4 hp, 2 damage.
x= blood ritual, projectile, create a blood pool near you similar to the scorpion or alien/muk's green posion pool uses 6 health
c= blood boil, projectile, 1 hp, 2 damage.

this could be used in a mod
Vampire is the strongest solo tier 3 class. there, I said it.
strongest solo probs would be hero. vampire is the second best, and overall the best tier 3 class in groups.