Casual Quest

by IainPeregrine
A fast paced, casual, multi player action game with a little RPG touch
Status: Open

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We thought we had it beat.

But Madmanonfire decided to join the nameless server (what I would presume to be Dark's VPS server: and the stupid bug decided to rear it's head out from nowhere again. I also saw this, but yet we have had no problems playing on Dark's VPS server before (heck, it was our main server for all summer).

In fact, I was on the same server earlier on in the day, and it was perfectly fine.

Wished we could get some more details as to what is happening and how it happened.
Sudzzuds wrote:
Wished we could get some more details as to what is happening and how it happened.

Any details would be good. Remember any classes? Remember what wave it was? What was the map? What was the previous map? What were the previous enemies? Was it right after a boss? Which? Did another team recently make it to the ninja land on that server?
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To be frank, I don't know any of that. I doubt that anyone got to Ninja land or anything of that sort, Madman just started a new game and only one enemy pops up on screen. Once that enemy is killed, another one spawns until the quota is met. Pretty much the exact same bug we had about a year ago.

Hopefully D4 can pop up soon so that he might be able to get any messages that appeared in his Deamon.

EDIT EDIT: D4 has now restarted his server. Issue resolved for now.
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Well, here's a new update on that bug:

Me, Sef, Alt, and two other peoples were playing on Joram's server when the bug just suddenly pop out of nowhere in the middle of our run. We just finished a Plains scene at 119, got to Hell in 120 and there were no problems. We finish 120, get to 121 and the bug just hits us.

No error messages from Joram
No f5s (most likely)
No enemies trapped on a tile
There was lag present (Joram was Dling something)
We had a party of RK, Minstrel, Bard, Dragoon... and I forgot.
We had a total of 8~9 people on (including me x 2, I was dual-keying)

If anyone else remember anything from that game (Oct 4 around 12:50am, GMT -500), feel free to write something in.
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I was a Hero when it happened, not that I think the classes matter to the bug.