Casual Quest

by IainPeregrine
A fast paced, casual, multi player action game with a little RPG touch
Status: Open

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I've had this idea for beetles past wave 10 getting a "fly" ability where they can propel themselves forward 3-5 spaces randomly, like knights swing their sword randomly. This would add to the difficulty a bit without overdoing it, I think.
No,the beetles are pretty large in number when they are added to a map,and their body/armor increases by an exceptionally large amount. Mummies already sort of have this ability,so i don't think beetles need it either.
I'd like to see flying beetles in some capacity.
I feel that beetles should remain as they are - in a sense, they represent the "easiest" CQ enemies that players are first introduced to. For that reason, I feel that they should not have any 'special abilities' so to speak of.
The problem is that they are too easy. (I think) After say wave 30 the most hp they get is 4 which is a basic mummy. (later mummies get like 8) So I think they should get something that makes them a bit more threatening. They wouldn't be invulnerable when flying like mummies rush. That and they shouldn't be able to change direction while flying like mummies rush it would just be a straight line in whatever direction they were facing when it activated.