Casual Quest

by IainPeregrine
A fast paced, casual, multi player action game with a little RPG touch
Hi cats,

This is not likely a bug in the code, most likely a bug user-end, but I was playing with a person with the key Bloodpuddle - and for some reason, he can't move more than a few pixels at a time.
(watch the Nomad)

Me and Bareknuckleroo got the following info:
Byond: 493.1117
OS: Windows Vista
Stickykeys are off
Tried remapping keys
Using CQ V 1.33

Anyone else ever got this problem?
This is interesting, because sometime back in the summer I had issues similar in personal tests non-related to CQ. As I haven't seen this issue pop up for anyone else, I'm not sure if there is enough evidence to conclude anything at the moment, but if anyone does experience this, answers to the following questions would be phenomenal.

1. Does this happen every time you play?
2. Is it only on one computer? Or every single time for your key?
3. Does it happen sporadically, or the moment you start?

I may or may not add more to these, but these should be fine for now. I should note that there is an issue with BYOND and certain keyboards (I forget which id it is, but I brought this up in Bug Reports and Lummox JR had mentioned that certain keyboards will not handle multiple keys pressed at the same time as well as others), so that could very well be what's going on here - it's just simply the keyboard.

Generally, I'd also request to test a different keyboard on the same computer, but that's difficult for most people (a lot of people don't keep spare keyboards), so I won't go so far as to request that.

Thank you very much for this find Sudzzuds.

On a side-note for anyone interested - my finals are over this Wednesday, so beginning next week I'll be putting in a minimum of 10 hours dedicated to fixing up bugs and coming up with new ideas for CQ. I'm not dead. :)