I felt like I could write paragraphs about the horrors that I have suffered in the last few minutes, but when I opened up this page I realized I actually didn't. It still doesn't mask the ear-raping that I underwent.

I am completely serious; this music traveled from the internet, escaped my speakers, grabbed onto my skull and raped me in the ear. I'm going to need reconstructive surgery after listening to this tear-inducing rendition of 'O Holy Night'.

And if I had to listen to it, I want to spread the pain to all of you as well.
Oh wow.
Oh my.
Oh no.

I'm gonna have to listen to it twice.
Dear god.
In some parts he sounds like Jimmy from South Park.

That was genuinely awful though.
Yes! That was the most heartwarming rendition of O' Holy Night I've ever heard...

It bought tears to my eyes (and blood to my eardrums)
I swear that was Brak from Cartoon Network.