The Shivering Isle's, the first true expansion to The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, was launched last night for the Xbox360 console. At a whopping 2,400 microsoft points, this huge expansion will set your consoles space back a whopping gig.

Though expensive for some, the expansion is well worth it. I downloaded it roughly 30 minutes after it launched, and had minimum time to play it. I can tell you though, it's awesome.

Right off the bat, I went to the new island in the Niben Bay, and watched as things got a little chaotic. The graphics for the new content alone, are a notch over the origional game. From standing on the portal island, the graphics for just the mere chunk of land are better than the game around it.

To get a rough list of what's in the expansion, check out my previous post on the Shivering Isles.
Three words.

Giant talking portal.

yay for oblivion XD, btw great game builders fantasy, which i must ask why you are so absent on it.But anyway, oblivion pwns dont it?Hmmm...shame theres not a gm on when you need one.