Nightmare Mayhem

by Magicbeast20
Nightmare Mayhem
Play as your favorite horror movie villain and slay your friends!
Hello again BYOND,

I've spend several weeks re-building Crypthead, and have vastly improved every aspect of the game. Players are now greeted with a fresh new login menu complete with character customization and user control settings.

The core gameplay has remained the same, however; many basic features are now incredibly smooth and professional looking. While all maps have been re-designed for improved gameplay, and now feature several new ways for players to escape the map.

New Killer's have been added as well! You now have the chance to play as some classic horror icons such as Jason Vorhees, Freddy Krueger, and many more!

A new radar has been added to help the Killer track players. Players interacting with any objects that make sound will trigger an alert on the killers radar!

Killers can now track players footsteps! When a player runs, there is a chance they will leave a footprint visible to the killer.

Audio has also been greatly improved, and it is highly considered to play with headphones!

Grab some friends and hop on the dedicated server today!