Today is my BYONDiversary, and it's amazing and wonderful to have been involved with this platform for so long. It's grown and changed over the years, and it will continue to do so.

The big upgrade is still in the preparations stage, where I'm deciding on system specs and also a new chair. (I could potentially be talked into finally getting a second monitor.) But there's a lot to do in the meantime, so I've been busily saving configurations and doing a lot of backups and moving things over to a drive for transfer. There's a lot that I'm leaving for the last minute because it's in too much flux, but overall the process is well in hand. Since the vendor I'm going with didn't have an optical drive available anymore, I've ordered one, and I kind of hope to put it through its paces even before changing systems.

I've also been at work on bug fixes and whatnot this week, as well as brainstorming some ideas for a rendering chain change that could, theoretically, take us part of the way toward updating DirectX. That change is nowhere near as important as WebView2 so most of this is just planning-stage stuff, but it'd be nice to have the ideas in a mature stage once the browser work is complete.

It's very, very likely that I'm gonna choose to go ahead with dropping Windows XP support (please contain your shock) before the system changeover, because I want to move development to a newer version of Visual Studio and I don't intend to carry that over to the new computer if I can help it. This will entail switching to newer support libraries, which ought to be pretty tame, so I'll probably do a trial balloon on that in the next release.

Of course all of this development only works because you guys make it possible. Thanks again to all the Members and other donors for your support.

The Indiegogo campaign for the new development machine (and chair, and possible second monitor) is still up for anyone who wants to get in on it or just show a little extra love. A reasonably future-proof system is a little pricier than I thought at first but the generosity shown so far makes it possible for me to go further than I'd planned, and it means a lot.

And now Labor Day is upon us, which means the end of the Fair, and the beginning of school in civilized places. We flirted with cold weather last night, but before too long fall is gonna be here in earnest. And while most of you will be busy eating donuts and drinking cider, I'll be doing that as well but also working to spin up a new system and the transition to WebView2. There will be football; it remains to be seen whether I'll knuckle under and pick up some candy.
Happy to see that the BYOND community is still going strong with all of this support for the Indiegogo!

But speaking of dual monitors, I have to say, getting a second one is a game changer. Back when I got handed an extra monitor at my old job, I was like, "Meh, why bother? My single monitor does the job just fine."

But man, once I started using that second screen, I was totally hooked. It's been over a decade now, and I can't even imagine working on my PC without dual monitors. I'm actually toying with the idea of adding a third one because of how ridiculously useful it is.

Trust me, go for it!
Me working with a 40in ultrawide monitor, an additional 1080p monitor, and even using the built-in laptop monitor. Which is basically 4 monitor setup and still thinking I could use another monitor just for displaying Grafana dashboards.
I'm running a 4 1080p monitor setup in a 2x2 stand. It's a serious game changer. I'm able to work on assets in photopea and mspaint, keep my BYOND IDE open, and also have discord / spotify running up top, and still have room for documentation in the top right monitor. Being able to mode-swap without having to rifle through windows is just a game-changer.