Sigrogana Legend 2

by Devourer Of Souls
Sigrogana Legend 2
Multiplayer RPG set in a unique RP-mandatory fantasy setting.
Support Shop Gifts
  • Added a Check Gifts option to the Support Shop menu.
  • Added 1 gift (Fruit of Fluidity, no trade), which is available until Oct 1 2023. Note that characters created after Sep 1 2023 cannot claim this gift.

Map Requests
  • Telegrad Outskirts; West-side lake bank now accessible. (Courtesy of Autumn)
  • Telegrad Outskirts; Fixed-Up Farmhouse (Courtesy of Slydria)
  • Geladyne; Castle Ballroom (Courtesy of Slydria)
  • Meiaquar Inn Refresh (Courtesy of Appo)
  • Meiaquar Outskirts Badlands Encampment (Courtesy of Slydria)
  • Wanderer's Vale Excavation (Courtesy of Slydria)

  • Snake Shot; Now has a 2 round CD. Max rank changed to 3. Bonus damage removed. Poison application is now infliction based. Snake Wrap now only applies until the user's next turn. Now deals armor-ignoring Acid bonus magic damage equal to (Rank
  • 5) if it hits.
  • Pulling Shot; FP cost changed to 10 + 2 per Rank. Now has a 3 round CD. Max rank changed to 3. Pull changed to be equal to Rank+1 tiles. Bonus damage changed to 5 per Rank.
  • Warning Shot; Momentum cost changed to 2 (from 4, no longer decreases based on Rank). Max rank changed to 3. FP cost changed to 10 - 2 per Rank. Fear duration now equal to 1 + Rank.
  • Fortune Wind; Max rank changed to 3. Effect duration changed to 5 rounds. Evade bonus changed to 10 + 50% of Scaled LUC (from 5 + 50% Scaled LUC). Range for skill use and secondary effect increased to 5. Secondary effect now applies an Air Pressure effect on tiles affected.

  • Most Spells; Max SP changed to 3. Elemental ATK and FP cost and other effects adjusted to compensate.
  • Offensive Basic Spells; Excel Crash effects changed to Excel Crash+.
  • Isendo; Magnetize pull effect now affects all enemies the user has mangetized (from just those in the area of effect). Galren size increase now +1 (from +2).
  • Famiuga; Elem ATK scaling changed to 120% total (from 140%).
  • Blink; FP cost changed to 10.
  • Astral Belt; If it damages an enemy the user has magnetized, they are knocked airborne due to polarity reversal. No longer persists outside of battle.

  • Offensive Spells; Max SP changed to 3. Elemental ATK and FP cost and other effects adjusted to compensate.
  • Charge Mind; Effect changed - Rev up your mind into a magical battery, gaining Charge Mind LV 3 for 2 rounds. When casting spells from Mage classes that have Excel Crash capabilities, Charge Mind will be expended as if it were Weapon Charges equal to its LV, then its LV will decrease by 1. (For example, at LV3, it will grant one spell its 3 Charge effect, then become LV2. The next spell would gain its 2 Charge effect, etc. Doesn't stack with Weapon Charges; the highest possible charge level between them will be used.)
  • Elemental Overtime; Effect changed - Mind over matter, the saying goes. Why not both? After using Charge Mind, you also gain Elemental Overtime for the same duration, which increases the damage dealt by Elemental Augment by 100%.
  • Ephemeral Insight; No longer changes the duration of Charge Mind. Now affects any Evoker attack spell. Worn Out LV changed to 10, and duration to 2 rounds.
  • Wind Slasher; Slash damage changed to 20 + (Rank x10).
  • Sear; Cinder LV no longer boosted if Charge Mind is in effect.
  • Libegrande; Elemental ATK scaling changed to 100% + 10% per Rank. (Capping at 120%, from 140%.)
  • Intensify Cold; Frostbite is now infliction-based and LV is equal to 20 + (10xRank).
  • Isenshi; Magnetize pull now affects all enemies. Effect changed; Enemies who are magnetized by the user and are airborne who are within 3 Range are slammed into the ground, dealing Rank x5% bonus damage, gaining Great Accuracy versus them, and inflicts them with Knocked Down.

Rune Magician
  • Rune Level; Status Infliction percentage modifier is now 2% per level (from 5%).
  • Haste Rune; Evasion ignoring property changed to Great Accuracy. (Meaning it will always at least glance.)

  • Create Shade; Max rank changed to 3. Now has a 3 round CD. Max size reduced to 4 (from 6).
  • Confusion; Max rank changed to 3. Momentum cost changed to 3 (from 4). Range increased to 7 (from 4).

  • Healing Discharge; CD increased to 4 rounds (from 2).
  • Pinball Strike; Now has a 2 round CD.
  • Aliagmato; Now targets a 2-3 Range line, and extra Range from Talvyd and its own condition now increase the maximum Range. Now costs 3 Momentum (from 4). FP cost changed to 15 (from 25). Max rank changed to 3. Now has a 1 round CD.

  • Absolute Death; Max SP changed to 1. FP cost changed to 5. Momentum cost changed to 0. Effect changed; Kensei Stance skill. Grants you Absolute Death LV 10 (permanent duration, but requires 15 FP every round). While active; Boost Scaled Weapon Attack by LV. Enemies damaged by Kensei Offensive skills that are already affected by your Sakki will cause you to swiftly move to slash all other enemies within 5 Range of that target, dealing protection-ignoring bonus Slash damage equal to your Kensei class level (or 10, whichever is higher). Enemies can only be damaged this way once per skill use.
  • Absolute Pace; Max SP changed to 1. FP cost changed to 5. Momentum cost changed to 0. Effect changed; Kensei Stance skill. Grants you Absolute Pace LV 10 (permanent duration, but requires 15 FP every round). While active; Boosts Evade by LV. For enemies affected by your Touki; Yomidori is always active, and evading an attack from them grants Battle Flow.
  • Absolute Fear; Max SP changed to 1. FP cost changed to 5. Momentum cost changed to 0. Effect changed; Kensei Stance skill. Grants you Absolute Fear LV 10 (permanent duration, but requires 15 FP every round). While active; Boosts Critical by LV. For enemies affected by your Kenki; Before that enemy is attacked by a Kensei Offensive skill; has an infliction-based chance to apply Fear for 2 rounds, or if Fear is already applied, to force them to turn away from you.
  • Kagekiri; Additional effect - If Voltiger is available, it can be consumed to change the pattern into a flexible line (5 Range).
  • Raijinken; Additional effect - If Voltiger is available, it can be consumed to target an enemy within 5 Range, teleporting you to an unoccupied tile next to them before other effects.
  • Tekagen; Effect changed; While toggled on, damage you deal will not reduce an enemy below 1 HP.

  • Holy; Multiplier changed from 1.5x to 1.3x, which is halved versus non-monsters. Now also gives +2 FAI and +2 SAN.

  • Devotion's Divine Sign; Effect changed to; Blessed and Exorcism weapons' basic attacks deal SR
  • 3 Light damage on hit versus enemies it affects. (Unresistable, bonus, magic damage.)
  • Fulgurmancy's Ampage; Effect changed to; Increases infliction rate for Interference by SR x3%.

  • Bright Darkness; Holy multiplier reduction changed to -5% (from -10%).
  • Arcane Tattoo (Barrier); No longer breaks from bonus or status damage.

  • Excel; Excel charges are now consumed before the basic attack is made, rather than on hit.
  • Elite Engine; Damage bonus is now equal to 35% regardless of the number of charges.
  • Restrain Staff; Effect now only lasts until the user's next turn. LV capped to 25 (versus PCs), or 50 (versus bosses).

  • Items in the item belt can no longer be dropped when being defeated.
  • Using Swap Main/Sub Weapon in battle will restore your equipment setup to how it was pre-battle automatically. IE, if you swap your main weapon with your item belt weapon, the original main weapon will be re-equipped as your main weapon, and the item belt weapon will return to the item belt. (As with all auto-equip effects, this takes place before Sentimentality is checked.)
  • Farm plants that weren't watered enough or left alone for too long no longer vanish, they instead become withered plants.
  • Lightning Criticals; Now provide a +25% base damage boost instead of adding a flat bonus based on Lightning ATK.

Excel Crash
The following spells have received Excel Crash+ effects.
  • Libegrande; Standard effects. 2+; Upon hitting an enemy, the sword dances to all other enemies within a 3 Range circle around the target, dealing Slash and Ice damage to them using the spell's normal power.
  • Sear; Standard effects. 2+; Rapidly melts Ice Sheets in the area of effect, granting a chance to inflict Burn LV X (X = 10 + Charges x5) for 2 rounds on any enemy standing on one.
  • Wind Slasher; Standard effects. 2+; Increases minimum and maximum target size by the amount of Charges available.
  • Ryemei; Standard effects. 2+; Damage pattern becomes a 2 Size Diamond and creates Static Fields LV X (X = 5 + Charges x5) for 2 rounds within that area.
  • Magaisendo; Standard effects. 2+; Enemies you have Magnetized, who are also in the tiles at your sides, are pushed 1 tile in the direction you are facing before damage. Rock tiles in the area of effect will explode, and any enemies within 1 Range of them have a chance to be inflicted with Lingering Damage (Earth) LV X (X = Charges x10) for 1 round.

Player Props
- Added 5 pillow props.

- Added a small delay per target to Aquamancer support spells so that it's not so loud if a large amount of units receive buffs at once.
- Fixed a bug where Fir and Miu, when used by the AI, were starting their projectiles on the wrong tile, leading to them being one tile short.
- Fixed a bug where party gauge text wasn't showing up when a character joined the party.
- Fixed a bug where Peddling Wheel was not respecting the authority of the get_target AI proc, resulting in mushrooms flipping out of bounds.
- Fixed a bug where Incise got a Momentum discount when using non-dagger weapons if you had a dagger equipped.
- Fixed a bug where certain interior-style windows were using the wrong time value to determine their status.
- Various forum bug fixes.