Another ambition of mine would be to implement the Runescape experience chart into realworld applications like driving for instance:
You can vaguely imagine you get the rough depiction of driving 'off road' at level fourty or 'rally racing' at level sixty lol
carDriving = ((rand(10, 100)*totalKilometers)/speedDriving
As you can see my formula is not exactly good. But the 'exp' based life-learning applications technology would render realife skills including programming...swimmingly

I just finished reading the blue book. I'll speed through it again periodically because I only slowed down for certain bits a little bit throughout the book.
Here is my take on this:

I saw this example. And I asked AI but it included spans and looked like this:

for (let i = 0; i < text.length; i++) {
const span = document.createElement("span");
span.textContent = text[i]; = `${fontSize}px`;
fontSize += 2

I've been reading javascript aswell. But just reading and practising only a little.

Are there any takes on simply writing something with incremental fontsize?
ChatGPT hasn't seen a lot of DM so it often writes junk code with other languages mixed in—in this case, dodgy JavaScript. It isn't really reliable as a source for code.

To output bigger text, something like player << "<big>[mytext]" would work, or you can replace the big tag with "<span style='font-size:120%'>" or something.
Sorry for lacking Philosophy.
I suppose the philosophy is a matter for whoever creates formulas to affect effects. For instance: proc/spawnSpellEffect(initialLength, initialWidth, areaOfEffect, duration, retractionRate)...
On that note:
5*5 is 25.. 25 tiles
We want a formula to effectively flourish a magic spell. And someone out there will hand out traditional MMO formulas, which is amazing given the AI revolution.. I love watching AI training on prompts given to it by technicians. It makes me laugh so hard

I'm doing well. I almost fathom this:
class Program{
static void Main(string[] args){
Player player = new Player("Hero");
Skeleton skeleton = new Skeleton("Bones");
class Character{
public static void Attack(){
class Player : Character{
public void Character(string name){}
class NPC : Character{
class Skeleton : NPC{
public virtual override Attack(){
Console.WriteLine($"{blabla.Name} bites {target.Name}");

It's CSharp. Thanks dewd!

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