How do i let people into servers im looking forward to leting my friends join Byond but i dont know how to let people in my game server please tell me
Try the "How do I host a game?" article on BYOND Help. It should give you a good idea of how to do it.

If you have any troubles, feel free to ask back here.
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Why when I'm trying to host a game "rsident evil online 2" my friends can't connect o the server? They are writing my ip with host number in "open location" and the cant connect :/ I have firewall off... Plx help... In byond 4.0 beta that was working :/
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It is likely your router. As mentioned in that article I linked you to, you will need to setup some port forwarding rules in your router. There is a link in that article that will take you step by step to do it.
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Yep... It must be that... I had the router all the time but my friend have router from las week... Sorry i didn't read that... I will try to play with that tomorrow. Thx for help ;)