BYOND Build Number: LATEST
Operating System: Windows XP Home
Video/Graphics Card: Intel
Game Hub/Link: NONE
Internet Connection Type: 8Mb Broadband
Firewalls/Routers: BT Home Hub, Comodo

Problem Description: Is there a way to save v3 icons using the latest BYOND? cos having to redownload BYOND v3 just to do 1 icon for someone is rather tiresome.
G'day DarkBelthazor.

You're out of luck I'm afraid. BYOND 4* uses a new icon format that includes the introduction of several other image formats. Also, it supports things like Alpha Channels that the previous BYOND versions could not support.

Your options are to continue using BYOND 3* to make said icons, or tell your friend to upgrade to BYOND 4*.

Thanks Much.