BYOND Build Number:437.1013
Operating System: XP
Video/Graphics Card:IDK
Game Hub/Link:N/A
Internet Connection Type:DSL

Problem Description:Byond Software Bug Everyone On Pager Says they are on a Game that they Were on But Are now not.

Steps to Reproduce Problem:
Log Into a Games Then X them out it will still stay ur on the games on the hub(s) and pager
I would imagine thats just a system refresh lag. Give it 10 minutes, id imagine it automaticly updates eventually.
In response to Staticfire666
nope from what ive heard everyone is having this exact problem look at how many is online OVER 9000 (almost 10000)

In response to Charliegrooms14
As I'm looking right now, there are 1977 people on-line, so I'd say that what you saw was either a temporary problem, or a lag spike, as was suggested before.
In response to Schnitzelnagler
ehhh it wasnt lag and its over the byond hub was down if you were playing....
In response to Charliegrooms14
It has been a problem with the Medal/Score system, which I did not know by the time I replied to your post, but which is kind of included by "temporary problem".