BYOND Build Number:437.1013
Operating System:XP Pro
Video/Graphics Card:Dont Know
Game Hub/Link:N/A
Internet Connection Type:Ethernet

Problem Description:I Can Host In Dream Seeker and It Will Work But When I Host In Daemon It Says You Need To Portforward (Which I Already Have And I have Set Hosting Up Before)

Steps to Reproduce Problem:
I guess just portforward and try to host daemon with a Link sys Router (Only Lets Me Host In Dream Seeker Which is very annoying)
Are you sure that people can join when you're hosting through Dream Seeker as this shouldn't be that much different from Dream Daemon to warrant any problems.
Did you maybe only allow one of both to be accessed from the outside for your firewall?
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I can host with Dream Seeker and it lets otheirs join just when i use Daemon it says firewall or portforward im sure i let daemon throught my firewall
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Could it be that you have more than one firewall, or that you're trying to host on a not forwarded port in Dream Daemon?
Else they should behave the same, as far as opening a socket is concerned.
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Eh , i got that same problem too... look what it says for me ,
World opened on network port 4700.
Welcome BYOND! (4.0 Public Version 436.1012)

BYOND hub reports port 4700 cannot be reached by players.

A firewall or router may be interfering with your connection. For information on hosting worlds through a firewall or router, please visit BYOND Help or

Rebooted server.
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Greetings Chaos_King48.

You haven't provided enough information/ignored the forum template and as a result of this, we are unable to help you. In order to be of any real assistance, we need to know as much detailed information about your computer as possible.
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I have the same problem, and I know the answer, as long as your router is Linksys. I got the solution from a link in byond help, and have been searching everywhere for the answer.

First, find out your IP adress, or find out the regular IP adress for your computer.

Second, copy that IP adress and put it in the adress bar in an internet explorer, and press enter.

Third, type in your port username and password, which is different from your regular username and password for your computer. The default username is nothing at all, and the default password is 'admin' (without the '')

Fourth, go to applications and gaming on the Linksys page, and make sure byond, byond dream seeker, and byond dream daemon is able to go through the port.

Fifth, close the internet explorer used, and your done.