BYOND Build Number: 460.1052
Operating System: Windows Vista
Video/Graphics Card: Geforce 6150 LE
Game Hub/Link: AnotherWorld
Internet Connection Type: Cable
Firewalls/Routers: Linksys

Problem Description:
I'm having an issue regarding the maps in TOPDOWN. When an icon larger than 32x32 has the original placement of the icon go out of view the entire icon itself disappears. I'm not sure if this was intentional or not but as far as I can see, it makes the map incapable of supporting larger icons unless it's intentional for your icon to disappear.

Here's a picture of what happens.


Steps to Reproduce Problem:
Make any icon larger than 32x32 and place it in a TOPDOWN map_format. Once logged in move out of the original placement of the icons view and the entire icon will vanish.

Other info...:
It's also worth noting that each time I try to increase world.icon_size it makes my computer crash due to how much memory it's needing. World.icon_size works fine if I make a new project but my current project is unable to be adjusted with world.icon_size.
As this is a Developer problem, it belongs to the Developers forum. As for why the icon disappears, due to the massive amount of data that had to be sent because of some people using extreme offsets, the behaviour had to be adjusted.
An icon is only displayed if it's tile is within four squares of the client's view.