But she needed a hysterectomy anyway for another problem, and the cancer was found so early it hasn't even spread yet. Even if the doctors never found it, it would've been removed soon.

Close call, huh? And here's a picture of a bunny.

Cute bunny.
My rabbit is way cuter. She is also fatter and less tongue-stick outness.
Horrible and great news, all at the same time.

Also, that bunny is asking to be made into a fur belt.
The tongue is the best part of that bunny.
When I first read that, I thought it said "monitor" and not "mother". I though you reached a new level of weird when I got to where you were talking about her uterus. <_<
You see, when a monitor and a motherboard love each other VERY VERY MUCH, the motherboard puts millions of little bytes of information into the monitor and give birth to all of the pixels you see before you today.
Sarm, I love you.
I second that.
Is that an electric fence?

Back on topic. Sarm, I have eaten all but one of your illegitimate love-children. You know where to transfer the money. You can still save this one.
that has got to be the cutist pic of a bunny EVER